Thursday, October 08, 2009

Parents and Nikki Webster and Stuff

This tumbler page is called I Hate My Parents, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why these kids would hate their's:

And this kid here has a TIGER!

You know whose parents I hate? I hate Websters parents. Not his original ones who died, but his adopted ones, the Papadapolisissssses. They always made fun of kids who couldn't say their names right, and that's a pretty hard name for a non Greek kid to say. Kid's are dumb and are still learning to talk! Geez louise, cut the idiots some slack!

Also Papa George had total PaedoFace. (Is the "a" and the "e" the wrong way round? I don't feel comfortable looking that one up right now!)

The mum (sorry MOM), was ok I guess. She was pretty hot.

"oooh we are so excited to have Webster in our lives. Get the balloons and fly him outta here!"

Did you know they were married in real life too? That grosses me out. Imagine if Karl and Susan were really married. Urgh. Thank god for everyone Susan is a lesbian. Actually Karl's pretty cute. I'd probably do him.

"I'd do you too Wiz"

Um, yeah, so anyway, Websters parents. What I want to know is what kind of moron would give such a tiny kid so many helium balloons? (And NO google image search, I did NOT mean Nikki Webster!)

(But you know I did get curious and looked for pictures of Nikki Webster holding balloons. I found none, but I did find some stupid mother [a parent I now also hate] who had posted a picture of her kids watching the olympics.

She wrote, "Note I thought the opening ceremony was great except for the Asian 'Nikki Webster', that wasnt very original."

You fucking bitch. Nikki Webster FLEW. Can YOU fly??? Didn't think so loser,, so sit the fuck down.

And as for that other little girl you refer to, her life became an Ashlee Simpsonesque lip synching hell! Join Websters parents at the back of the room!)

OK, where was I? Oh Websters parents. Yeah, they sucked. That mum couldn't cook for shit.

This kid is having a few problems with his parents as well. Man, parents are crap!


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