Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smile Like You Mean It

Do you know me in real life? If you do, you will know that I have seriously squinty eyes when I laugh. It is both mutant and adorable. Some of my siblings share the same trait.

When we were kids we used to try and smile as big as we could without showing our teeth and trying to keep our eyes as wide as possible. It looks demented. I will take a photo of this for you and post it here later.

I bet SOME of you are trying to do it now. You look stupid. Do not do it in front of that hot tradie who is fixing your dunny. I assure you he will not bone you after seeing that!

This guy is doing something creepier. He is laughing without smiling. This is what I was like before I discovered antidepressants. HOLLOW!


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