Monday, October 26, 2009

Police Sketches Can be Fun

I would be the worst witness to a crime ever. I once spent 25 minutes chasing a dog, thinking it was mine, only to find it had a big penis attached to it. Well nobody told me Rizzo weren't packing heat, day'um.

Does that story even relate to this story? Whatever.

I could never understand how police sketches work. I could probably tell you what they smelled like, for I can name every flavour of lynx, rexona and impulse ever released, but what their nose looked like? Bitch, please, I'm a busy woman searching for pennies in the gutter. How else am I gonna get home from the free soup kitchen?

Which doesn't really bring me here, but let's just say it did...

I very much enjoyed this collection of bizarre police sketches. Check it out.... fool!


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