Friday, December 12, 2008

Man Babies

An oldie but a goldie. Yes, it's ManBabies.

Best Viral Videos Of 2008

Oh yes, it made me laugh!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I tell you tears work EVERY time!


This is what I want for Christmas.

Thank you in advance.
(Ron English)

Prepare Ye For The Silly Season

Arrr yes, it is that time of year where we all go a little silly. We also become asinine, balmy, brainless, childish, crazy, dippy, dizzy, empty, empty-headed, fatuous, featherbrained, flighty, foolhardy, frivolous, harebrained, idiotic, ignorant, illogical, immature, imprudent, inane, inappropriate, inconsistent, irrational, irresponsible, ludicrous, meaningless, muddle-headed, nitwitted, nonsensical, pointless, preposterous, puerile, ridiculous, senseless, sheepheaded, simple, simpleminded, stupid, unintelligent, unreasonable, unwise, vacuous, witless .

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Worst Album Covers Of 2008?

Pitchfork have compiled their annual Worst Album Covers of the Year list for you to enjoy.
Meh. Whatever.

They put two on the list that I passionately disagree with.



That is some AWESOME cover art!

For a better collection of all time awesomeness, head here. Much beauty awaits you.

A Summer Essential

If the sun doesn't shine out of your arse, mayhaps you need one of these nifty devices. Sometimes the sun needs a little assssssistance. For those hard to reach areas.


Getting Sexy in the KFC SINK!

I have a kentucky fried brain after too much beer and vodka, so nothing clever will be written here. Here is a story you may or may not like 'bout a bunch of trashy chicks who worked at KFC stripping down to their smalls and posing in the 'restaurants' industrial sink. You are welcome.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miss Piggy - Fuck The Pain Away

Lots of video posts today! Well this one should be seen!

Men I Have Loved

Love is an elusive thing, yet I see and feel it everwhere.

As Christmas draws near, I hear the angel Colbert sing in unearthly tones, "You're so high". Could I love him more?

But when I am alone in the darkness of the night, the only love I seek is from Chris Dane Owens. Only his love can slay dragons.

Poor Mutts

Why are people so unkind?
WOn't someone think of the PUPPIES!!!!???

Epic Lolz

This should be LOOOOOOOONGER!!!!

My Amazing Grandma

Here is my nan;

Here is my nan battling NEO;

Here is my nan in her upcoming movie role;

And here is nan's new electro hit;

It's been a big week for her. I'll get her a nice box of Roses choccies for christmas.

Yahoo Answer Idiots

Sometimes when I am playing on the information SUPERHIGHWAY, I come across things that make me realise that perhaps I am not the dumbest kid on the block. This is one of those things.

Oh man, now I have been sucked in to Yahoo Answers. Christ is urging me to help the troubled lass who asked "Why do these two ugly Korean guys always stare at me?"
Dear God, what is the answer?!

Big Ass Jones!

Oh Jones, how I love you. Let me count the ways.
Check out his amazing life story HERE and then go store some shit!