Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rosemary West And Slade Bassist Were Engaged?

Did you know that in the early Noughties Rosemary West was engaged to Slade bass player David Glover?

I sure as hell didn't, and serial killers are part of my bag, baby!

It seems they were writing to each other for a year before the short-lived engagement broke off after negative media publicity.

Glover was kicked out of Slade, Rosemary was sad for a bit, and that's that.

Before he ended the relationship, the bass playing bandit said "We've been writing to each other for a very long time.

"There are family members that I'm going to need to inform about this. I need time to prepare what I'm going to say to them."

Rose also sent this awesome letter to her lawyer, Leo Goatley ;

"I've fallen in love with one of the members of Slade.

"He's 36, six feet two, a professional musician and divorced with two children. . . we fell in love!

"I have a wedding to plan . . . if they allow it!"

Mr Goatley said: "It is clear he had not thought through the ramifications of a marriage to Rose.

"As soon as the chickens came home to roost, he just kind of panicked.

"But it makes you wonder why he was writing to her every day for a year and promising marriage if he was going to be put off so quickly."

I concur.

Glover, who appears to be an idiot, upon learning of West's decision not to appeal her conviction said;

"I firmly believe that Rosemary West was wrongly convicted of murder and was sorry that she felt unable to proceed.

"Since then we have become good friends although reports that we spoke every day and exchanged hundreds of love letters are completely untrue.

"The effect on my life of the publicity surrounding these reports has been completely devastating.

"I have lost my livelihood, a job that I loved and was proud to have.

"Most importantly my family and friends have been caused untold distress."

Oh Mama Weer All Crazee Now!

The End
By Me

Gene Simmons Sex Tape?

This is some truly disgusting shit. I think this may be the lamest root I have ever seen!
The one redeeming feature is the Foreigner soundtrack
Oh and I like how she won't kiss him....

watch for yourself  HERE
very lame Gene, very lame Austrian energy drink spokesmodel. You both get a D minus.

Double Blogging

Hello peeps, how are you?
A rash?
How exciting!

Just wanted to let you know that I am gonna be posting up here all my lame posts from the Myspace blog so if you came here from Myspace, all posts below catface will be fresh and exciting to you, all above will be old news.

That is all.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bitch Fight At Sonic Youth

Last night I went to see Sonic Youth perform the entire Daydream Nation album at the Enmore. It was shit hot, I lie not!

I had the best position front side - no barrier (except for an occassional bouncer visit), and a wall of beer next to the amp....SWEET!

Then this bitch with anorexic fuzz all over her pushed up behind me, held her arm over my head and began flash photagraphing the band on her fuckin Blackberry.

A few snaps and I wouldn't have minded. Heck, being asked if  I minded having her skinny bitch arm hanging over my head would have been nice too. But this cuntress just kept going - I swear she was planning on documenting the entire gig, bulbs flashing, over my perfect hairdo.

Na ugh. I said to the slut "can you stop that now? You have heaps of pics, just enjoy the band" and whore face said to me "fuck off"!
Oh no she din'it.

Then she did this little hip wiggle to make it look like she gave a shit about the music and I shoved her and told her to fuck off right was ON!

She just kept calling me a bitch which was lame in comparison with my "cuntress" call, and she knew it. Then I told her to go back to the Hills (lame reality show about blonde bitches covered in anorexic fuzz wandering around being lame skanks) and she left. On my way out she came up and gave me a little shove and I shoved right back - bitch flew into a wall like Paula Abdul at a nightclub

Don't fuck with the master!

UPDATE - sorry wrong link, but go there anyway!
as I was saying, flew into the wall like Paula Abdul at a nightclub!

Hey Good Lookin'

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