Thursday, June 21, 2007


Motherfuckin gumby - fuckin funny!
Thanx Hanlin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sharon Stones Boobs

Are these the best implants EVER????
MY god!

Nice to see her sun baking on a teflon saucepan. Not nearly enough people do that.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Love Connection's Best Named Guest

born 2 b alive

Belarusian Movie Posters- RAD!

Check out these Belarusian movie posters.

The one above's for Shallow Hal. Gwynnie looks like a nice tuckshop mum and my boyfriend Jack looks like a small lesbian.

Cocks Of Rock

Woooweeee, here are some pics of rock cocks!
Mike Patton has now given me even more reason to love him.

I don't think G G should be on here though, I believe that is nothing more than a rather large clit.

That's Some Cute Shit!

Animals stuck in things...cause its cute and shit.

Jerry Jerry

...and i paid her with a cheque!

Build Your Own Sex Doll

If, like me, you are a poverty stricken fatty-fat-fat-fatterson, you probably can't afford to buy your own sex doll.

So why not make your own sex dolls out of old dildos and boobs you have lying around at home?!

Malnourishment Makes you FAT

Is Nicole Richie pregnant?????


And so is this child.....

Sarah Silverman Blasts Paris Hilton Live

OH Lord! Compare and contract Paris' reaction to Jacks reaction

Courtney Love Sux

Courtney Love is such a feminist! Who else has the guts to tell girls smoking will make 'em thin?

She recently went to see her doctor about a sore throat and this is what she had to say about it;

"He guessed exactly how much I smoke too and told me I'll have to get surgery," Love wrote on her website.

"I need to stop unless ... I want surgery in a year, and two or three days off on tour is not economically feasible, so my thin phase is gonna go soon."

Oh, poor fatty boom bah's gonna come back. Seriously, I hate this woman soooo much. What a fuckin sell out.

In related news, I am giving up smoking too. I'm going the opposite way, so my fat phase will be over soon...

Wheezing away on a treadmill sucks, so I have spent the last decade sitting on my fat arse watching Hueys Cooking Adventures and puffing away.

Soon I will be able to walk to the bathroom on my own and won't have to propell myself down the hallway on a skateboard pulled by my foxy chihuahua, Rizzo.

Paree's Mug

Here is Slut Guts # One's Mugshot. Notice the lowered chin. That's what I do to minimise the chance of a double chin shot. Well played.