Friday, March 30, 2007

Japanese Toilet Training for Kids (English Subtitled)

Pants Man!!!

Kiss This

That's Gene Simmons looking better than he has in a looooong time.
He and his wife, Shannon Tweed got his and hers face lifts on their reality TV show. And they say romance is dead!

May you live in interesting times indeed.

The Governator

My Boobs Are OK - Lene Alexandra - Music Video

Dum. Great chorus tho!

Love You Long Time

The man formerly known as Poof Father, P. Diddy, has announced that he can have sex for 30 hours straight.
Poof is sooooooo unattractive. He is a definite mouth breather. You know those gross kids you went to school with who breathed noisily through their mouths, forsaking the usual nasal route?! Thats him!
He probably also drools.

Anyway, besides that, who wants to have sex with anyone for 30 hours? Even Johnny Depp!

I would get tired and want to get chips and gravy, cause after about 7 hours I would have a hangover because I only put out when I'm really really really drunk. We would probably also be covered in vomit because when I say really really really drunk I mean really really really ridiculously really drunk.

Mr Depp, if you're reading this, give me a call. You're probably hot for my drunk arse now!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Men in Stockings

Mmmmmm, yummy. Men in stockings chucking leggies. Really, you probably don't need to go to this site. Its enough to know it exists.

Ross Sticker

This sticker, available here, looks just like a silouette of my worse half, Ross! Seriously, the likeness is uncanny!

Been doing a bit of modelling mr? Late nights at work my arse!

Hot Albinos

Here's a really cool site featuring pictures of albinos from the 19th Century.
You're horny... its sexy.

Anthony GAYllea - ha!

Tiny man Anthony Callea is GAY????
But he is the maniest of mans. The mightiest of midgets. The ....mudflaps of Majorca?
Hmmmm, carried away by alliteration, but what a wonderful way to wind!

So der fred, who thought he was straight?
Not even the 90 year old Italian widow who lives next door, that's who!

He's so little and precious. He'd make a great cum rag at a Manorgy. Just pass him around like a plate of hor d'ourves, mind the toothpick!

Here are my favourite comments about this momentous news on Perez Hiltons site;

* who is this nigga!? nobody gives a shit about this unfamous fagoot!

* Anthony is a lovely young thang who is only 5'1" - so short but don't abort -

* Why are all the runner-ups in Australian Idol Gay, Sex Addicts or Teenage Mothers?

* "Australian pop star Anthony Callea officially confirmed that he was gay on Monday."

...but not on Tuesday. He was into chicks on Tuesday.

* How cool, he seems like a really nice person. And he is so short he wont need to bend over to suck cock.


* I sucked him off in the public toilets at Town Hall Station. He is very short and has a tiny tiny cock.

Well, what can I say. We have Vic Carrusso to thank.

PS. don't bother joining the Anthony Callea fan site to read exciting reactions. Everyone loves him and ain't no one calling him a 'nigga'.

Anna Nicoles Diary

Hey y'all! Did you hear Anna Nicoles diaries were sold on ebay for a shitload of cash!? Jucier than Adrian Moles diary, scarier than Penny Pollards diary, more moving than the Diary of Anne Frank...
For your reading pleasure, here is an extract;

Dear diary,

Today i did a giant pink poop!
I fished it out of the toilet and went to show Larry. He wrapped the pink poop in a blanket and told me it was my new baby.
I think I'll call it Poopy.

I really like unicorns.

Gotta go. The pink poops crying

_______________Baby's First Photograph___________________

Dear Diary
that huge turd i blasted out of my front bum yesterday has really shifted some kilos. I feel like 66 million dollars...i also feel like chicken tonight.
I love you diary, you are so pretty.

Dear Diary,
today Daniel came in to meet his little poo sister. He kissed her and got crap all over his face.
it was soooooo funny. Then we had a methadone party and he died. It was really far out and weird.
I'm sad and sleepy. Milk is coming out of my boobies. No poo has ever been this strange...if you tell me it has, i won't believe you.
Talk later

There you have it. A modern day Samuel Pepys...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

80's cartoon Openings


Isn't it Romantic

Some very attractive wedding pics I just got emailed...
ain't love GRAND!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Samwell -

What What - More BUTT
(last bum vid for today)

Baby Got Back - Gilbert and Sullivan Style

More butt Monday

Baby Got Back Music Video

Happy Bottom Day!