Monday, February 26, 2007

Love Land

Much like Sydney's Luna Park, Love Land is a place of sexual sculptures and masterbation machines. Kids under 12 get in free!

Man Child, Horse, Penis

Here is Harry Potter naked, showing us his penis, dick, john thomas, blood filled sock, flesh flute, etc.

I'm pretty sure he likes to be called something else besides Harry, but I can't be bother checking his IMDB account. I think its something like Helen Hunt.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stylin' Names

From Ebony magazine, hair do's with jivin' names. Check it!

Horseface Tits

Horseface - now with added nips!

Anna Nicole's Fridge

Anna Nicole Smith was just like you and me. Like you and me, her fridge was generously stocked with icy cold methadone pops and strawberry flavoured Slim Fast. Nothing to see there.

But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, who in the world would own a bottle of spray on (yes, I said spray on), I Can't Believe It's Not Butter?!

(FYI: thats what that yellow bottle is)

Fabio was not available for comment, although a spokesperson released this statement;

"I, Fabio, the most beautiful man in the world, am deeply saddened by the discovery of my sexy spray on butter like product in Anna Nicole Smith's arousingly seductive cold box.

I am ready, like a lascivious Christ, for the impending sensual crucifixian. I do not doubt I have earned it. Love and romance to all is my risque dying wish. May you all be tittilated.

Au revoir
The Most Beautiful Man in The World, Fabio."

Yes, well I suppose we'll HAVE to forgive you now, Fabio! But spray on I Can't Believe Its Not Butter? I mean really, are we too lazy to butter bread now, or do you just shoot it down your throat like soooo much warm, salty jism?

Monday, February 12, 2007

I Lied, You Cried

OK so I lied about that MASSIVE Anna Nicole Smith memorial post...doesn't mean I won't do it, just means I won't do it...2 nights ago!

Here's a pretty picture of our girl and her son;

Does that appease you vultures?

If that's not enough, Defamer has compiled 8 Great Anna Nicole Youtube moments HERE

And here is another picture of our gal;

The world has lost a truly awesome lady.

Are you happy to have me back????
WELL ARE YOU?????????????????????????????????

Stay tuned to find out where i've been.
If you can't wait, go to and check out my NEW BAND!

That's where I've been. After years of hanging out in Westfield shopping centres not getting spotted by talent scouts, I have taken the law of the universe into my own hands and am now on the road to fame, fortune and everything that goes with it....I thank you all.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Busting Out's Patron Saint - DEAD!

What does it take to get Busting Out back on the interwebbly?
Not being called a rapist, that's for sure! (By the way, thanx for commenting Dad!)

Todays events have truly saddened me. Anna Nicole was the only TRUE living patron saint of Busting Out, and now she has gone.

Stay tuned. Tonight Busting Out will present the greatest Anna Nicole Smith retrospective/memorial EVER...And there won't be no Howard Stern either.

Everyone must drink pink champagne this weekend in honour of this great pop culture icon...
I can honestly say I was always laughing WITH her.

While you're waiting for this extravanganza, enjoy this wonderful video of Anna Nicole, before Trimspa and methadone...