Friday, July 27, 2007

My Realdolls Ginger, and Kelly


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celeb Baby Names RAWK

YAY to Jordan who has named her firt daughter BUNNY.
Hell, that kids not gonna be a stripper!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'Deliverance' - 'Dueling banjos' scene

Hee Heee

When Lego Meets Art

Sexy Meat Goods

So yesterday I was thinking a nice term for a bit of oral on the lady would be "glazing the ham".
What do you think?
I like it.

THEN, I was on a train and heard some school kids chattering away about sling shots and white washing fences when one little princess piped up and said something about "DEVON BOOBS".

Man, I wish now that I had gone over and asked her what that term meant.
I mean I'm on Myspace and Facebook, why have I never heard this term before?

My theories are;

1) Devon Boobs: Naked breasts pushed up against a pane of glass.

eg: We were dining at KFC when we looked up and noticed Michelle had pressed her breasts onto the window pane. We sure love some DEVON BOOBS with our boneless chicken.

2) Devon Boobs: Pink breasts whose nipple is the same shade.

eg: While Layla was undressing after the wet t shirt competition I noticed there was no definition between the colour of her skin and the colour of her aureole. A slice of those DEVON BOOBS would go really well with this keg of beer.

Any other ideas?

Coco and Ice


Stay Away Beyatch

Please tell me this;

did not fuck this;

Sorry. I mean this;

did not fuck this;

Reports are flooding in, and I am not impressed. He better not catch anything that can be passed on to our, as yet unmade.... BABY!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Best Excuse

Yes, unfortunately I didn't get the part for the role I was going for either.

I was gonna play a big boobed alcoholic wench who drinks a case of beer every day and sits in her own filth watching old pornos.