Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coco Exercises

Our girl Coco has done it again.
Here she is doing squats in her stripper heels. Bless.

You really should follow her on Twitter, then you will receive gems like this:

"I'm naked in my kitchen making Grape Koolaide in the pitch dark.Ice is craving it.Gotta keep your man happy."

Ice is a very lucky man.

Makeup Artists Revenge

Does anyone remember the movie Powder? You know the movie where "a young bald albino boy with unique powers shakes up the rural community he lives in"?
Neither do I.

I wonder if Nicole Kidman has seen it. I bet her bitch of a makeup artist has!

Oh Nic, you silly, silly bitch. That is why we use straws and/or rolled up thousand dollar bills. It is very rude just to shove your whole face in there! I bet Antonia would never do that!

Well, ya gots to keep laffing Mrs Urban. HAHA, i just realised that is her name! That is funny. I wonder if she has a cousin called Mrs Rural....mmm....that was shit. Let's just look at how dumb Nicole looks:

Nicole Kidman, you are a stupid bitch.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Kid Must Be OLD!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ringing Of The Bells

Christmas is the time to rejoice, for we all get presents and that is awesome.

Sometimes we even get to keep the presents we give to other people. Like, you know, your grandpa isn't really into knee high pink leopard print socks, or your Aunty Gertrude doesn't have anywhere in her new retirement village to put the giant cardboard cutout of Johnny Depp you got her. That is also awesome.

Now you have new socks and Johnny Depp!

You also get to eat shitloads of food that you didn't have to pay for, and you can get absolutely maggoted at your parents home and they will think you are just full of seasonal cheer (if they are senile enough).

Then you steal their christmas ham and heaps of beer (always take a very large backback) and you are on your way home. What a great day! Thanx for the lift Nan! Sorry I spewed in your stupid, ugly car. Can I have it when you die?